What if you could slow your brain waaaay down––and calmly choose how to react in ANY life situation?

emotional resilience training (ERT)

Taught by Joshua Wenner (The ERT Expert Who Helps Navy SEALs, Firefighters, Doctors, and CEOs Defeat Stress & Savor Life)

What if you could slow your brain waaaay down––and calmly choose how to react in ANY life situation?

emotional resilience training (ERT)

Taught by Joshua Wenner (The ERT Expert Who Helps Navy SEALs, Firefighters, Doctors, and CEOs Defeat Stress & Savor Life)

“I will always choose to send my people to him & work with him when I need it.  He possesses a deep understanding of the nervous system, trauma & the heart, while simultaneously being grounded, attuned & loving in the process.”

preston smiles

Master Coach For Life & Business

“Joshua brings the highest level of mentorship to the leaders who seek his guidance. His mastery of identifying the patterns that keep people stuck in limiting loops are unparalleled. I highly recommend Joshua’s work.”

katerina satori

Wisdom Channel – Mystical Mentor

“Joshua has the rare ability to help you get to the root of your challenge & a range of tools to help you navigate through past emotional debris to find peace & happiness. I highly recommend him. ”

adrian grenier

Actor, Husband & Farmer

does this sound like you?

  • You constantly feel as if something profound is missing from your life and no matter how hard you work or what you achieve – you cannot seem to hold on to lasting happiness


  • You wake up overwhelmed and downright burnt out almost every day – and you notice yourself easily triggered by both small and big conflicts


  • You swear NOT to pour a drink of alcohol, eat crappy food, watch porn, or entertain toxic relationships – but then you do the exact OPPOSITE and beat yourself up mentally


  • You watch others achieve your dreams with ease, but for you, it feels like an uphill battle because your lousy mindset weighs you down


  • You know your marriage, family, dating, friendships, business, or work relationships would thrive if you could simply stay present and positive regardless of what is going on


  • Your emotions like fear, anger, obsession, or anxiety override your logical thinking – and your emotional state causes you to lack compassion for yourself and others


  • You experience stress-related health issues such as shortness of breath, tension headaches, digestion problems, blood sugar imbalance, chronic fatigue, or the inability to perform sexually

what does it mean to be addicted to stress?

If those scenarios above sound like you, you’re not alone. You might be addicted to stress.Scientific studies show that whenever humans experience real or perceived danger in our lives—our bodies attempt to help us survive the situation by releasing adrenaline and other stress chemicals. 

Stress hormones are powerful stimulants that keep us safe by giving us a boost of energy, but like a drug, they are extremely taxing on our nervous systems.

Here’s the problem with our bodys stress reaction…

Our nervous system can activate this stress response to ANY situation. The conflict we are facing simply needs to resemble a painful memory from our past. 

One triggering comment from your spouse might alert your brain to react as if you are 5 years old again getting screamed at by your parents. In this modern world full of deadlines and notifications, we are all constantly triggered into an ‘activated state’.

This chronic stress state causes your body to become addicted to the rush of stress hormones from your nervous system. You become addicted to the feeling of surviving. We must learn to control our nervous systems—or they will sabotage us from ever thriving in life.

As a coach, I found out what stops people from “thriving” the hard way

Over a decade ago, I spent my days traveling the country as a trainer for Tony Robbins—working with people at over 1,000 events. Because I was crushing my goals, I would shove down any emotions that felt vulnerable to keep getting results. Taking the time to feel messy emotions just seemed weak to me. I also thought the peak performance tools I taught others were enough to heal me too.

Sure, I had lost my brother, my business, my friend, and my lover (all in traumatic circumstances).  But I believed my emotional baggage was the LEAST of my problems…

…despite the shameful addictions I couldn’t shake and the crushing emptiness I felt.

Of course I hit a breaking point after spending years in this ‘always-on’ state. 

I started waking up apathetic and exhausted—wondering what the h*ll was the point of it all. I felt ready to snap at any minor inconvenience.

Between mentors, prescription drugs, therapy, and shamanic medicine, nothing helped (it was just really expensive). It was clear the emotions that I’d buried for so long were striking back at me.

This constant feeling of emptiness took my career in a new direction. I decided to begin a documentary to understand grief, loss, and trauma—by interviewing the world’s top experts in this field.

That’s how I learned to find the balance my life desperately needed.

During the interviews for my documentary, the Gift of Grief, I met a man named Ken Druck who would later become my close mentor.

Ken was the guy who helped survivors heal after 9/11, the Boston bombing, and Sandy Hook disasters—and he showed their family members how to find peace.

He told me that true healing was a paradox. When we experience the death of someone or something we love, our natural response is grief. 

By pushing away our grief, we live in what he calls the “torture chamber” (where we numb, hide, or dumb down the emotional pain we feel). 

He said the key to healing is to embrace the paradox of feeling both broken and whole.

When we lose something or someone we love deeply, we feel like we are broken. By embracing every emotion we feel during this experience, we allow ourselves to return to wholeness. 

This revelation took me down a rabbit hole of obsessively studying grief⁠—which naturally led to trauma⁠—and finally the nervous system.

What I discovered during one of the hundreds of courses I took was that by shoving down my emotional pain… I was forcing myself to stay in high stress states to avoid feeling broken and weak. 

I had been chaining myself to the torture chamber that Ken mentioned. The burnout I felt was a symptom of living in a survival state. My body had spent years in “fight or flight” mode like some kind of rabid wild animal.

If I wanted to stop the stress hormones from wreaking havoc on my health and become free of my unresolved emotions, then I would need to master my nervous system.

But how do we ‘clear away’ our painful memories so that they can no longer sabotage our happiness?

I made it my mission to answer this question. I wanted a simple way to feel alive again, without relying on prescriptions or therapy.

After years of trauma research, interviewing with experts, and practicing therapy frameworks in thousands of 1:1 and group coaching sessions, I developed what I call The Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) method.

You may not know it, but Emotional Resilience Training is exactly how the world’s most attractive, influential leaders overcome their emotions to achieve rare levels of personal success. 

ERT is also what helps survivors of extreme trauma switch off their nervous system’s survival mode to start thriving by living with joy in the present moment.

You might think, “I don’t have trauma or any intense losses in my past”…

Through my research, I discovered there are different levels of grief that affect us. It doesn’t matter what or WHO you lost. It’s about your relationship to that loss. 

Whether you said goodbye to your job, a friend, lover, family member, or a dream… 

Any loss is an energetic block that you need to consciously release to free yourself to live a higher quality life.

The good news? Every person reading this can practice ERT to process old emotional wounds and transform every area of their life.

What exactly is the Emotional Resilience Training Method?

The Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) method teaches you how to control your emotions on demand like flipping a switch in your brain.

During Emotional Resilience Training, I help you examine your past for any lingering wounds. You then discover how your nervous system has been pushing you into survival states to keep you safe. Without awareness, we stay stuck in these states. 

By upgrading your awareness, you can identify the warning signs of when your brain is propelling your nervous system into action. Once you catch it, ERT can help you shift back into a regulated state where you are free to thrive.

How do you use ERT? Through breathing techniques, binaural immersion exercises, guided meditations, and other science-based practices—the Emotional Resilience Toolbox helps to stimulate the longest nerve in our bodies: the vagus nerve. This nerve controls our ability to move from activated to regulated. 

Stimulating our vagus nerve is proven to switch off “fight or flight” surviving mode and switch on “rest and digest” thriving mode. With ERT exercises as short as 6-minutes, you can create immediate clarity of mind and choose how you react in ANY situation.

what does it mean to be “addicted to stress”?

If those scenarios above sound like you, you’re not alone. You might be addicted to stress.

Scientific studies show that whenever humans experience real or perceived danger in our lives—our bodies attempt to help us survive the situation by releasing adrenaline and other stress chemicals. 

Stress hormones are powerful stimulants that keep us safe by giving us a boost of energy, but like a drug, they are extremely taxing on our nervous systems.

This ERT Method program teaches you how to REWIRE your brain & nervous system to sustain a happier life in 3 hours of training videos

Module 1: The Warrior’s Story

Discover the warrior’s story to understand how we build ‘armor’ mentally, why we developed our stress response, and how you can experience emotional freedom.


Module 2: Emotional Resilience

Learn to cultivate emotional mastery and see why it transforms every area of your life.


Module 3: Understanding Loss & How It Affects Us

Take a deep dive into understanding grief, discover the 4 levels of emotional trauma, and how grief may be affecting you from the shadows.


Module 4: The Science of Trauma and The Nervous System

Understand how trauma impacts the nervous system, plus why we move into a survival state. You will learn action signals to identify when you are activated, so you can practice ERT to regulate.


Module 5: Child to Adolescent to Adult

Explore the ancient archetypes related to our survival behavior—and how to uncover trauma signs from your childhood to move from a survival state to a thriving state.

Module 6: Forgiveness

Master the science of forgiveness to “break free” from the emotional shackles of your past. Emotional forgiveness is backed by research to stop people, like you, from ruminating around painful memories.

Module 7: The C.P.R Method

See how to practice CPR regulated breathing in just 6-minutes to calm your nervous system for better decision-making. CPR breathing is a little-known technique veterans use to combat PTSD.

When you enroll in the ERT Method program…
You’ll get a BONUS course too:

The Emotional Resilience Toolbox

The Emotional Resilience Toolbox equips you with a library of research-backed breathwork techniques to use anytime, anywhere. I partnered with leading brain and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scientists to create immersive videos and audio tracks that utilize “binaural technology”.

Studies show that binaural audio technology changes our brains’ neuron activity to reduce anxiety, increase focus, promote creativity, help manage pain, and improve memory.

With these easy-to-follow videos, you can feel relaxed and begin healing in just 6 minutes a day.

  • CPR Emotional Regulation Breathing (5 video lessons)
    Includes high-quality videos that show you step-by-step how to balance your emotions through the C.P.R breathing method. Start claiming control over how you react in any situation.

  • Advanced CPR Breathing (5 video lessons)
    Learn the emotional regulation breathwork technique for high-stress lifestyles, used by veterans, first responders, doctors, and entrepreneurs (I practice this exercise the most!)

  • Stress Reduction for Couples (5 video lessons)
    Connect better in your relationship by eliminating stress with emotional regulation breathing. These videos guide you through powerful couples’ exercises to practice at home.

  • Emotional Reset Breath (3 video lessons)
    Instantly clear your mind when your nervous system is activated with CPR reset breathing in 90 seconds. Move from feeling stuck to a relaxed state to continue your day with presence.
  • Daily Meditations (2 video lessons)
    Practice guided morning meditations to boost your focus for a productive day. With evening meditations, you can unwind after work and sleep blissfully (these meditations are NOT your average YouTube video).


Get instant access to both programs:

The Emotional Resilience Training Method and The ERT Toolbox with CPR Breathing Exercises

Enrol today for $197.00
…or three payments of $79.00

Who is your coach in this program?

My name is Joshua Wenner. Over 15 years ago, I began coaching high-achieving men and women to use peak performance strategies to improve their finances, business growth, and fitness.  

After creating the Emotional Resilience Training Method, I now weaponize clients to master their nervous systems using battle-tested strategies that help create deeply fulfilling bonds with their families, teams, and themselves.  

From fire and police departments, EMS, military organizations, disabled veterans, hospitals, and others⁠—I also support warriors who deal with the most intense trauma as co-founder of Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs.  

As the co-founder of The K4 Community & School of Men’s Work, I’ve initiated over 600 men to heal deep-rooted wounds and embody self-mastery.   

Soon I will be releasing my 10-year documentary. “The Gift of Grief” is the story of how I transformed the heartbreaking loss of my brother into meaning & purpose⁠—including in-depth interviews with the world’s top grief and trauma experts.

Now I stand at my highest level of self-mastery ever, and I’m here to share my tools and strategies with you—to bring purpose and happiness into YOUR BEING.

What Happens When You Master Your Impulses?

These are the results that my in-person and online clients have seen after practicing the ERT Method…


You become more productive because your brain focuses like a laser on your goals


Your self-doubt no longer drains your mental energy, so you are more present and fully enjoy each moment


Your heart rate decreases—making you feel calm instead of worrying about everything that could go wrong


You gain access to new levels of compassion for yourself and others to heal the relationships in your life



You make decisions “in the heat of the moment” based on love and logic (instead of fear and anxiety)  


You start to feel effortlessly in control over what you eat, how much alcohol you consume, and the people you attract



Your body just functions better on a cellular level and you notice your physical health improving—as well as your appearance 


Regulation of your nervous system can even help soothe symptoms of depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and inflammation


experiencetrue freedom

The reason I’ve made this program’s cost ($197) so accessible is because I KNOW how it feels to constantly run on ’empty’. No one should forfeit their happiness to stress when ERT can help.

Because of the cutting-edge research, scientists, and experts involved in designing it, the value of this training program is well over $4,997.

Don’t waste another day, week, or year being a slave to your nervous system.

Any person who struggles with stress can change their life with Emotional Resilience Training. But some people ‘like’ to stay stuck. 

If you start this program, then you MUST be devoted to improving the future of yourself and your loved ones.

I also offer a “no questions asked” 100% money-back guarantee. This means if you complete the ERT training and have practiced the ERT toolbox for 7 days, I will refund the cost of this program (within 60 days of purchase).

Practice ERT and free yourself to thrive again.

“I’ve done years of somatic healing and shadow-work.  Joshua created a container that helped me dive into past pain and trauma I could not navigate through on my own. I was able to go even deeper with his pristine guidance. He is an amazing balance of solid, structured support and caring, compassionate love.  My life has completely transformed.I can’t recommend him enough.”

monica loren

Relationship Coach

“Joshua is able to read an individual and intervene right where needed most. He does not skirt around the outside of an issue, he acts right at the heart of it to create movement where there has long been stagnation. I’m grateful to him for the work and coaching he mentored me through. I can unequivocally say that my business, personal life, and marriage has never been better. “

scott hongola

Serial Entrepreneur

“I gave a keynote using all the learnings from your shadow work. You’re an inspiration. It fucking rocked the audience.  Made people cry.  I’ve had over 50 people come up to me and say it changed their life. All from being deep and vulnerable.  500 people got rocked to the soul. Your work is perpetuating those you help. I changed peoples lives – based on your shadow work. Thank you!”

amish shah

CEO of KemKraft