Emotional Resilience Training (ERT)

Discover the root cause of your emotional reactions. Master your nervous system and your impulses. ERT empowers you to embody your calmest, most present self to experience lasting freedom in all areas of life. 

Emotional Resilience Training (ERT)

Discover the root cause of your emotional reactions. Master your nervous system and your impulses. ERT empowers you to embody your calmest, most present self to experience lasting freedom in all areas of life. 

“Joshua brings the highest level of mentorship to the leaders who seek his guidance. His mastery of identifying the patterns that keep people stuck in limiting loops are unparalleled. I highly recommend.”

preston smiles

Master Coach For Life & Business

“Josh is such a genuine heart centered man who embodies his sacred masculine. He holds such a safe space for women like me to feel safe, seen, witnessed, heard & vulnerable.  If you have the opportunity to work with Josh I highly recommend it. “

ashley hann


“Joshua is one of the most dynamic people I know.  He has a balanced perspective between head & heart with a range of tools to help you navigate past emotional debris to find peace & happiness. I couldn’t recommend him more.  ”

adrian grenier

Actor, Husband & Farmer

“This man is a man of integrity, deep wisdom & can journey with you deep into the depths of what you are exploring. I highly recommend Josh for his coaching, programs & his presence.” 

stefanos sifandos

Relationship Expert, Author & Master Coach

 “Josh has this exceptional way of making everyone feel really safe & seen. As a woman who has coached with him,  Josh has the ability to create such a safe space that allows you to open up because it feels really easy to be seen,  heard & held.”

sarah norvilas


“Josh is a guy who does the work & has done the work in so many areas. His capacity to have the range & experience to lead other people is profound. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a powerful container to step into. “

john wineland

Speaker, Relationship Coach

What is Emotional Resilience Training?

Emotional Resilience Training (ERT™) is the ultimate form of mastery over self and your nervous system. With ERT, you gain awareness and can control how you react to emotionally charged, stressful, or triggering situations. 

Without ERT, you stay an unconscious prisoner to how your brain and body have learned to seek safety—usually by sabotaging relationships, looping unhealthy patterns, or using coping mechanisms or addictions to protect yourself. 

By mastering the self, you get to command how you behave in any encounter to actualize your dreams fearlessly.

When you master your nervous system you master your life.

Why is ERT important?

Our brains form an emotional bias in ⅓ of a second—even before we feel a sensation.

People have hundreds of nonconscious rapid emotional biases from past pain or trauma. Our brains link certain situations as threats to our physical or emotional wellbeing. These might be “big T” trauma events which are deeply disturbing, such as abuse. Or they may be “little T” traumas, which are smaller scale events that we experienced as distressing.

When your brain identifies a threat, your body will immediately shift into an emotionally reactive survival state. Maybe you faced a terrifying incident at 6 years old. You’re no longer in danger, but your adult body still reacts to similar situations at an unconscious level. In activated states, we lose compassion for ourselves and others—as well as logic. Our brains and bodies will attempt to gain safety through a number of trauma signs.

results to expect


Build a fulfilling relationship with yourself and others by cherishing each moment and fostering deep levels of self-respect, empathy, and gratitude in this life


Achieve mastery over your emotional reactions to align your thoughts, words, and actions and actualize your boldest dreams with integrity


Develop awareness and self-compassion to navigate triggering or painful situations without draining your time, energy, or happiness


Develop awareness and self-compassion to navigate triggering or painful situations without draining your time, energy, or happiness


ERT are frameworks and tools that arm you with the awareness to take control of your nervous system. Without awareness, our brain and body automatically shift us into emotionally reactive states. This can happen during triggering events or if we feel affected by another person’s activated state. With awareness, we can identify indicators (ERT trauma signs) that tell us when we are in a highly emotionally reactive state.

Using ERT the tool-set, we can move ourselves into calm, responsive states and confidently respond to trying situations. With time and practice, we can also begin to help co-regulate other people’s activated nervous systems. Once we Master The ERT frameworks & tools you are able to master your nervous system which allows you Master Your Life. 

Develop Self Mastery

Painful past experiences often hijack our present freedom. Self-mastery helps us choose how we react to life’s most emotionally triggering situations. By mastering the self with ERT, we build integrity, confidence, and power because we align our internal thoughts and external actions.

Increase Emotional Capacity

Emotional capacity is the ability to handle more emotional load in our lives. Are typically able to handle more emotional load because they are good at achieving however, they lack presence if they have low emotional capacity in the different areas of their lives. People spend their lives ruminating over anger, shame, sadness, stress and other emotions. When we loop these reactive states, we continue to empty our emotional capacity “tank” and trigger easily. By increasing our emotional capacity through ERT frameworks & tool-set, we start to become more present in everything we do, we start to enjoy the things that used to cause us stress & feel more in control & more fulfilled because we can discern how to react and start fully enjoying life.


High-achievers endure heavy emotional loads. Yet, with low emotional capacity, we will lack presence and trigger easily. Our relationships suffer as we ruminate over negative emotions and continuously empty our emotional capacity tank. By upgrading our emotional capacity through ERT, we gain control of our reactions and start fully enjoying life.

Heal Relationships & Experience Love

To find lasting fulfillment in our relationships, we must work through old emotional wounds. Without healing, we close our hearts to the right people and open them to the wrong ones. ERT teaches us to set & enforce boundaries, embrace healthy connections, and experience deeper love and happiness. 

meet joshua michael wenner

Joshua is an entrepreneur, veteran, filmmaker, and emotional resilience expert. He has spent the last 20 years growing companies and maximizing human potential—while affecting the lives of over 500,000 humans. He is the founder of Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) & co-founder of the K4 School of Menswork & Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs.

Joshua’s coaching, curriculum, and frameworks are being used to help high achievers, successful entrepreneurs, men, first responders, veterans, & those who deal with high stress and trauma. He teaches emotional resilience tools to help people navigate challenging situations and achieve meaningful results.

Before his current work, Joshua had a successful $20m exit as a founding team with Business Rockstars. He has been an advisor to multiple entrepreneurial ventures, has provided high-level 1:1 and group coaching, and was on an elite team of five of the top speakers to train Fortune 100 companies while working for Tony Robbins.

In his 1:1 and group coaching, Joshua uses a wide range of technologies to get results for his clients. Some of these include NLP, timeline therapy, hypnosis, gestalt, compassionate inquiry, IFS, inner child work, breathwork, somatic therapy, attachment theory, needs/boundaries work, transformational chairwork, and others. 

Joshua is currently in post-production of his film The Gift of Grief, a personal story of how he turned the pain of his brother’s loss into meaning & purpose including interviews with the world’s top experts in the fields of grief & trauma. The film is expected to be released Jan 2023.

ready to develop self mastery with me?

ready to develop self-mastery with me?

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(K4 + Valor + ERT) Discover ongoing group or self-study training programs to master Emotional Resilience Training. With resiliency master tools, strategies, and an aligned tribe, you can learn to heal old wounds–to forge a life of joy & meaning.


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Invite Joshua to share Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) with your YPO forum, employees, or leadership team. As a speaker for Tony Robbins, Fortune 100 Companies & fire & police departments, Joshua's proven framework transforms organizations' morals, culture & resiliency for increased peak performance and retention.


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To rise above emotional plateaus, high-achievers need a safe container to express vulnerability. Work with Joshua 1:1 to build a custom ‘battle’ plan. Arm yourself with Emotional Resilience tools to up-level your results, relationships, and health.