joshua wenner

Veteran. Entrepreneur. Investor. Mentor. Film Maker. Emotional Resilience Expert.  

High Performing Organizations I’ve trained

I teach society’s warriors how to master their nervous systems and create deeply fulfilling lives.


From fire and police departments, EMS, military organizations, disabled veterans, hospitals, and others⁠—I help those who deal with the most intense loss & trauma. And for over a decade, I've trained high-achieving men & women in fierce peak performance strategies.


My career began with coaching people to use peak performance strategies to improve their finances, business growth, and fitness. Through Emotional Resilience Training, I also now weaponize clients to master their nervous systems using battle-tested strategies that provide deeply fulfilling bonds with their families, teams, and themselves.


I also work with men to process their childhood trauma and grief. As the co-founder of The K4 Community & School of Men’s Work, I’ve initiated over 600 men to heal deep-rooted wounds and embody self-mastery.


Soon I will be releasing my 10-year documentary. “The Gift of Grief” is the story of how I transformed the heartbreaking loss of my brother into meaning & purpose⁠—including in-depth interviews with the world’s top grief and trauma experts.


I have lived and breathed entrepreneurism while being a founder, CEO, advisor & investor—with the fortune of having numerous exits. Now I stand at my highest level of self-mastery ever, and I’m here to share my tools and strategies with you—to bring purpose and happiness into YOUR BEING.

My battle-tested methods and frameworks

  • Shadow Work
  • Human Behaviour Psychology
  • Peak Performance
  • Trauma
  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Gestalt
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • NLP
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Compassionate Inquiry
  • Addiction
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Grief
  • Transformational Chair Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Nervous System

Sure, there’s a sea of overnight gurus, therapists & nervous system experts out there but…


Most rely on a broken process. These “experts” might see results with one or two therapy methods, but people are emotionally complex. If you’re overloaded with information or lacking in depth⁠—it’s impossible to integrate what you learn. Instead, you are left burnt out, ragged… and back where you started.


Coaches either utilize talk therapies or somatic therapies, but rarely both. When a person’s stress is stored in their tissues, I can recognize the need for and practice somatic interventions. Meanwhile, distinct talk or coaching types of therapies help my clients identify looping patterns or strategize on new daily habits. 


Many mentors do not practice what they preach. They use food, sex, work, or other addictions to smother their pain⁠—instead of embodying their teachings. It’s common to speak to “life or performance coaches” who are out of shape, low energy, or still troubled by emotional debris.


There’s a reason I didn’t get my therapy credentials. I’m not required to report your sensitive information to any authority. And I’ve been training people from all backgrounds to achieve real results. With my intuition guiding us, I know we can work through any emotional challenge—as long as you are honest with yourself and me.

my 3 core values


Growth powers service


Service powers vitality


Vitality powers growth

When you master your nervous system you master your life.

Are you a high-achieving man or woman who no longer wants to…


Numb your struggles with more success and achievements


Face your inner emotional pain alone in silence

Hide behind your business as your personal life suffers
Lack presence with yourself & the people who matter the most
Waste days, weeks, or years without experiencing actual joy and fulfillment

There’s a brighter life just within your reach.  You just aren’t sure how to claim it…

“I’ve done years of somatic healing and shadow-work.  Joshua created a container that helped me dive into past pain and trauma I could not navigate through on my own. I was able to go even deeper with his pristine guidance. He is an amazing balance of solid, structured support and caring, compassionate love.  My life has completely transformed.I can’t recommend him enough.”

monica loren

Relationship Coach

“Joshua is able to read an individual and intervene right where needed most. He does not skirt around the outside of an issue, he acts right at the heart of it to create movement where there has long been stagnation. I’m grateful to him for the work and coaching he mentored me through. I can unequivocally say that my business, personal life, and marriage has never been better. “

scott hongola

Serial Entrepreneur

“I gave a keynote using all the learnings from your shadow work. You’re an inspiration. It fucking rocked the audience.  Made people cry.  I’ve had over 50 people come up to me and say it changed their life. All from being deep and vulnerable.  500 people got rocked to the soul. Your work is perpetuating those you help. I changed peoples lives – based on your shadow work. Thank you!”

amish shah

CEO of KemKraft

ready to develop self mastery with me?

group programs & online trainings

Group & Self Study Training

(K4 + Valor + ERT) Discover ongoing group or self-study training programs to master Emotional Resilience Training. With resiliency master tools, strategies, and an aligned tribe, you can learn to heal old wounds–to forge a life of joy & meaning.


speaking & keynotes

organizations or groups

Invite Joshua to share Emotional Resilience Training (ERT) with your YPO forum, employees, or leadership team. As a speaker for Tony Robbins, Fortune 100 Companies & fire & police departments, Joshua's proven framework transforms organizations' morals, culture & resiliency for increased peak performance and retention.


signature coaching

Mens, Women & Couples

To rise above emotional plateaus, high-achievers need a safe container to express vulnerability. Work with Joshua 1:1 to build a custom ‘battle’ plan. Arm yourself with Emotional Resilience tools to up-level your results, relationships, and health.